The New Instagram Algorithm Doesn’t Phase Me

  Everywhere I look online today I see people whining and complaining about the changes coming to the Instagram newsfeed. This seems to happen every time a social media site announces a change like this, the masses get flustered but then it all dies down and life goes on. Content […]

Instagram Algorithm

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Pinterest Growth Follow Along

After having worked on and grown numerous social media accounts at my places of employment as well as my own personal accounts (especially Pinterest) I have learned countless tips and tricks along the way. Now that I’m starting over with brand new business accounts for Blog Strength I have to […]

Make Your Dream a Blog 1

To make your dream a blog you first need to have a dream. This is where a healthy dose of visualization comes into play, sit back and focus on your passions. Let that meld into how these passions look as a blog, where will that take you, where do you […]

dream a blog


3 Things Bloggers Need to Let Go 4

Sometimes letting go feels like failure or giving up but it shouldn’t. Successful bloggers have a drive to keep pushing on and there are certain times when that can end up doing more harm than good. Here are the top 3 things that as a blogger you need to let […]

Marketing and Advertising and Branding OH MY! 1

  We’ve all heard that marketing, advertising and branding are the keys to business success, but so often these terms are used incorrectly and are wrongfully interchanged. Knowing the real definitions of these terms is vital to being able to successfully implement these strategies into your blog and business. Mixing […]



Coming Soon Free Media Kit E-course 2

The making a media kit e-course will be launched on Feb 12th.  I will be offering it free to all of my email subscribers for a limited time. The couse will consist of video and PDF lessons, worksheets and 2 downloadable templates that will be used to make your media […]

The Glass Ceiling You Create 1

We’re often the creators of our own glass ceiling. The sky’s the limit until our fears get the best of us—then BANG we crack our heads on that glass ceiling. We can see the sky but we can’t get up there because the fear of how others perceive us is […]

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Blogging Platforms Demystified 3

One of the first things you will need to choose after you have decided to start a blog is what kind of blogging platform you want to use. A blogging platform is the software on which your content is built. There are many options out there, some are free and […]